Removing line markings when moving site

If your business operates from a leased property and you move premises the chances are the old property will need some remedial work before it is returned to the landlord or owner, ready for it to be re-leased to a new business. As line markings and health and safety markings are laid specifically for the requirements of each business it’s unlikely the next business coming in will want the exact markings already in place. There are a few different techniques we recommend that can be used to return the floor to a neutral state.

Remove markings by shot blasting

Shot blasting can return marked, stained and lined concrete floors, both indoors and outdoors, to a neutral condition leaving them clean and clear. The shot blasting machine has very small abrasive steel ball bearings that are fired at the surface, gently etching away surface contaminants.

You don’t have to worry about the clean-up with shot blasting because it is a clean and dust-free process; an integrated vacuum removes what is lifted from the surface making it a process that can even be used in food preparation environments.

The condition of the floor after shot blasting

The finish created by shot blasting depends upon the finish of the existing floor. Older concrete floors that have been shot blasted have a finish similar to coarse sandpaper. Newer floors when prepared have a finer dimpling, similar to fine sandpaper.

Both are idea for maximum bond of new painted areas or lines for the next tenants. Shot blasting also helps to create an anti-slip texture to the floor’s surface making it a safer environment to work in and around.

Removing outside markings with hydroblasting

If you’ve added line markings and health and safety markings to the outside space and these need to be removed, we recommend hydroblasting for removal. Hydroblasting is a highly effective and environmentally friendly technique of using water to remove markings. Any waste removed is collected and separated from the used water into a tank for disposal, while the water is recycled and can be reused.

Despite the high pressure needed to remove markings it doesn’t damage the surface, plus it’s a time efficient process too. The jets of water can also access hard to reach areas that may have been marked unlike other methods of line marking removal. Hydroblasting is known for being a quick and efficient method of removing any old exterior line markings, which is perfect for businesses on a tight schedule.

Getting a quote for line marking removal

If you’re at the stage where you are preparing to leave your current premises to move it’s time to get a quote for your line marking removal. We can attend the site for a site visit or use photos and plans to quote for the cost of the removal of the old markings. We will discuss with you what products were used to lay the markings and the best techniques we recommend to remove them. In some cases we have removed old lines and painted the floor in a neutral colour leaving it looking like new.

The line marking removal is best done once the site has been cleared of all company property, before you hand it back to the owner. To find out more or to get a quote contact us here.