Walkway marked in a factory

Types of Factory Line Markings

Each workplace is different, and with that comes different requirements for factory line markings needed to keep everyone safe onsite. Business owners and employers want to minimise the risk of accident or injury to everyone while at work, which is why health and safety line markings are so vitally important. The Labour Force Survey reports that 38.3 million working days were lost in 2019/20 due to work-related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries that would have had a huge impact on businesses.

According to RIDDOR the most common non-fatal injuries to employees were slips, trips or falls on the same level, highlighting that having the correct line markings and signage in place are necessary to minimise these types of accidents in the workplace.

Clear factory line markings

Having clear and consistent factory floor markings is key to ensuring all staff and any visitors can safely make their way around your site, as well as protecting the workers on the ground. Commonly yellow paint is used for factory line markings because it is bright and highly visible, providing a good contrast from a concrete floor. There will be areas that are especially important to have clear line markings such as routes to fire exits, and the exits themselves.

Making sure your factory line markings work for your business

In order to assess your current markings and to make suggestions of any improvements that can be made, we often conduct site visits to see how your site is used. Often growing businesses need to bring in new machinery and a larger workforce, which can lead to a change in layout, making the current factory line markings redundant and therefore not fit for purpose.

Factory line markings don’t need to be complicated – the opposite in fact! They need to be clearly marked out, and easy to understand by everyone on site. If there are areas that are restricted due to hazardous waste hatching and a warning, make this clear. If there are walkways that might cross paths with a forklift truck adding in a zebra crossing highlights to both the driver and anyone on foot to take care. If your factory has a lot of machinery, then demarcation sets out the boundaries for this alongside a walkway.

How else to protect your site

Line markings aren’t the only way to ensure site safety; lighting, handrails and wall signage also plays a vital part. If there are areas of the factory that are dimly lit, or steps and stairs then lighting is key to help avoid injuries. Marking steps and stairs with a yellow strip of paint also ensures they are clearly visible. Take a look at our blog on step and stair safety here.

Preparing the site for factory line markings

If you’ve got old floor markings that need to be removed or replaced, or there is dirt and debris on the surface the new markings will go on then some surface preparation is vital to give your new markings the longest possible – saving you time and money in the long run!

Typically we use a process called shot blasting to clean and prepare concrete surfaces before laying the new line markings. Shot blasting uses steel ball bearings to clean surface contaminants while an integrated vacuum picks up what’s removed leaving no mess behind. An added benefit of shot blasting is that the process helps to create an anti-slip texture to the surface and leaves the concrete ready for the line markings to bond to the fresh surface.

Outdoor markings your business needs

Often factories and other businesses will need outdoor markings, especially if there are regular deliveries and collections. Lorry drivers who may not be familiar with your site will rely on the clear line markings so they know where they are supposed to go, and where to avoid. We install parking bays for lorries, speed roundels, written markings and even ramps for our businesses. If you have more than one unit on site or a staff car park then having outdoor walkways are essential to ensure the safety of staff and visitors on site.

Marking your site

We understand that busy sites need to minimise disruption to production, which is why we will work with you to get the markings laid at the best possible time. Generally we will zone the work in stages rather than taking over the site in one go. We have fast curing products that can cure in as little as 20 minutes allowing normal service to resume. Alternatively we can attend your factory at the weekend or during quieter times.

Find out more about our factory line markings service

Whether you are moving into a new factory, need to refresh current factory line markings or need to completely overhaul your current markings we are here to help. Our expert team has years of experience working in factories of all different sizes. We can deliver the indoor and outdoor health and safety markings your business needs to keep everyone on site safe and able to work. Head to the Contact Us page for your no obligation quote, or just for some expert advice.

Walkway marked in a factory